Not reading the rules is not an excuse/pass to do whatever you wish

Failing to follow these rules can result in being permanently banned

  • 1. No steal
  • 2. No grief
  • 3. No attempting to break or get around protection plugins
  • 4. Do not obstruct spawn with claims, structures, pits, try to get a few hundred blocks away from spawn before claiming at least
  • 4.1 Don't build or claim near other players without consent, assume at least a hundred blocks away
  • 5. No hack, or unfair mods
  • 6. All rules of the stream and discord are still in effect on all Minecraft servers

Discord/Twitch rules

  • 1. Don't be a dick
  • 1.1. If rule 1 is too vague for you that is the point, without a hard drawn line people can't abuse it aka fuck around and find out
  • 1.2. Dickish things include but are not limited to: homophobia, racism, xenophobia, harassment, pedophilia, sexism, etc.
  • 2. Hey if you know me in real life please dont share pictures of me no one needs to see that
  • 3. Let's not do porn/nsfw here, if you want that go join a server that specializes in it (there are plenty trust me)
  • 3.1. This also includes and not safe for life (NSFL), gore, or otherwise disturbing content
  • 4. Just like Twitch this server is 13+, if we find out you are under 13, you are getting your ass banned from both Discord and Twitch